Agency Nurses & Handovers


As an Agency Nurse Handovers are the key to a successful Shift. We need to make sure that we have gathered all information regarding the patients. Receiving a handover over from a Nurse stating ‘Settled night’ is not a handover. We need to make sure we know who have catheters, peg feeds, Syringe Drivers, or who has diabetes or Parkinson’s … Read More

Agency NursesAgency Nurses & Handovers

Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Heart


As Nurses we are always putting our patients and our families first. We need to also think about ourselves! So here’s just ten top tips to keep your heart healthier: Quit smoking now. Twelve months after quitting, your increased risk of dying from heart disease will be half that of a continuing smoker. Improve your diet. Include wholegrain cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables, … Read More

Agency NursesTop 10 Tips for a Healthy Heart

Final day at #RCN17 Congress


All the stands have been packed away but there was still time for some heated debates in the main hall. Most surprisingly from the resolution put forward for the RCN not to support the wearing of cycle helmets in becoming law. After much discussion, polite disagreement and the youngest (and arguable cutest) attendee taking the stand with his mum, it … Read More

Agency NursesFinal day at #RCN17 Congress

Another eventful day at RCN Congress


Another action packed day here at Congress… In summary: A letter from Theresa May, apologising for not being able to attend and advising Congress on how highly she regards the Nursing Profession, did not go down well with the majority of members in the main hall. There were heated debates on whether Emergency Departments should be able to say “No” … Read More

Agency NursesAnother eventful day at RCN Congress

RCN Congress Day 1


WOW! Monday at #RCN17 Congress has been an eventful one. We voted on a number of diverse resolutions, including a call to support members with Dementia to continue nursing and a resolution condemning the UK Governments failure to deliver “parity of esteem” – both resolutions of which were voted overwhelmingly in favour of. Congress also welcomed and heard from the … Read More

Agency NursesRCN Congress Day 1

RCN Congress Voting Pack


This morning’s post has brought my RCN Congress voting pack. Now I’m all ready to vote on the issues that affect all Nurses, especially our own! Hopefully I will see you there. Amelia x #votingforchange

Agency NursesRCN Congress Voting Pack

Old School Nursing

old school nursing

The times are constantly changing, bringing with them new rules and regulations regarding how us Nurses do things… Check out these examples of old school nursing skills! Did you practice any of these skills? Comment and let us know!

Agency NursesOld School Nursing