Attention All Nurses… Re-validation is on its way!


Sure, many of you have heard about re-validation, which is being brought in next year (2015) by the NMC. However the final consultation is at the end of August so there is still time to make your views known…

Go to NMC web site, and click on re-validation or you go direct to the consultation link by clicking here.

In a nutshell the purpose of re-validation is to build and maintain public confidence and will include ‘third party’ checking. This checking will require a nurse to include with their declaration a confirmation from another UK-Registered Nurse. The confirmer will state that the Nurses’s declaration is reliable and that they can continue to practise.

Nurses will have to undertake a minimum of 40 hours Continuing Professional Development within 3 years and at least 20 hours must be participatory learning. This will affect all nurses including those of us who work in atypical settings, i.e. agency or independent practitioners.

Another good reason to stay with Local Care Force, and recommend us to your friends, is that as your Clinical Lead as it stands in the drafts I will be the third party confirmer. Just another reason why we are Yorkshire’s leading agency!

Please contact Adam or Katie with your availability and any extra you can do… we are so, so busy.

Keep up the good work!



Agency NursesAttention All Nurses… Re-validation is on its way!

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