Protecting Agency Nurses with Local Care Force & the RCN Healthy Workplace Toolkit

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“In 2015 the RCN launched its healthy workplace campaign to support health and social care employers to implement healthy working environments.

In 2016 in partnership with the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) a bespoke workplace toolkit was developed.

Fast forward to October 2017 and the RCN published the Healthy Workplace Toolkit for an Agency Workforce.

In 2018 Local Care Force is excited to continue to develop our Agency Nurses protect yourselves, protect your patients campaign with the RCNs celebrating Nursing practice project.

In the new year we will be celebrating & pledging with our staff and the services we work with to ensure a healthy workplace for our Nurses.
A workplace that promotes a good work-life balance; dignity at work; protects and promotes employees’ health and safety at work; designs jobs which provide employees with a degree of autonomy and control and provides equitable access to training and learning opportunities for all employees.

With the support of the RCNs Celebrating Nursing Practice Project we will be holding events, developing new ideas of ways to support our Nurses and the services we work with throughout 2018 and beyond.

AmeliaProtecting Agency Nurses with Local Care Force & the RCN Healthy Workplace Toolkit

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