Weekly Update from Helen w/c October 6th


Busy times in the nursing world at the moment, very much dominated by the rise in subscription fees announced by the NMC last week. Interestingly enough I spoke to an NMC advisor who told me that they are conducting up to 38 hearings a day which include barristers etc, which is a factor in the rise. Food for thought I guess that as nurses we must ensure our practice always takes into account our accountability.

The planned industrial action on 13th October and definite industrial action announced by the RCM suggests that our profession feel very despondent… see our big question on face book and share your views.

Other news, on a more positive note, talks about the free places and other financial incentives for nurses returning to practice. Let’s hope this will contribute to increasing numbers of nurses re-registering.

Take care and remember to send in time sheets every Monday.


Agency NursesWeekly Update from Helen w/c October 6th

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