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What is an Agency Nurse?

Nurses that care are at the heart of what we do at Local Care Force.

Everyone asks what does it mean to be a Nurse, but what does it mean to be an Agency Nurse working with LCF?

We asked our Nurses the question and received exactly what we expected, some fabulous answers…

“I am an Agency Nurse.
I keep the cog in the wheel essentially turning.
I deliver care to unfamiliar faces
I hope I am making a difference and impact in people’s lives. 
I am often underrated and frequently blamed. 
We care. We deliver. We are……..Agency Nurses”

“I get to utilise my skills without being embroiled in the hierarchy. I do a good job and am able to walk away. 

The best thing for me is choice I have to work when I want. For the first time in my working life, 41 years, I feel I truly have a work life balance

“An Agency Nurse means an important flexible Nurse who is available in all Nurse Emergencies to cover either Hospital or Homes”

“It means being ready to take risk! Taking up challenges! Being flexible! 

Meeting new people and getting new knowledge as all our workplaces are different”

“To give the time and comfort to those that need it. Then ending your shift, you can say that I have put a smile on their face”

“Being able to work in an environment that enables me to balance work with home and being less stressed than working for other companies and also more supported”

So there you have it! We are definitely an Agency with a difference and the difference is our Nurses!

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